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Galiléo Team - Yiyi's Creek of Sinnamary


Nature has offered us a wonderful sunset over the sinnamary swamps. Back to the yiyi Creek in traditional Indian canoe, we had the chance to see a boa and some small caimans in their natural habitat.


Traditional excursions to Monkey montain to introduce the Amazonian forest to Aeolus Team


there is nothing better than an excursion to the mountain of the monkeys for a first discovery of the Guyanese forest trails, with at the top an unobstructed view of the whole savannah, firing points and Devil island.
After the effort the comfort and the tasting of maracuja sauce and his famous papaya gratin at the Marina restaurant.


Inselberg Rocks Excursions on Saturday June, 30


Wonderfull Path to go until the Virginie savannah where overlooks rocky mountains in the middle of the forest.

An incredible encounter with a jaguar delighted the end of the day for some of Galiléo & Bépi Colombo Team.



Very Busy weekend for all the Teams Bépi Colombo, Galiléo & Metop c


The wishes of each one have been realized...
Between the boxing Gala, the visit of the flooded forests of the Gabriel creek, a kayak ride on Petit-Saut dam, the Cacao laotian Village, the Annamites trail, the discovery of the leatherback turtles at Rémire-Montjoly, a barbeucue in Freelance Carbet for the Airbus Metop C team, everybody tasted a bit of French Guiana.
Welcome to the Aerolus Team.


Lunch in Waiki Village for some of Bépi Colombo team


Peaceful Sunday Lunch by the river for tasting chiken fricassee & Marcudja passion fruit mousse..

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