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Frequently Asked Questions

What does CSG mean ?
CSG stands for Centre Spatial Guyanais that translates in english as Guiana Space Center.

What's the get out of jail free card ?
It's a little card that we will give to you and that will help you to get hold of us in emergency situations...

You'll just need to hand it to someone if you're in an emergency situation.
On this card is written:

I'm an Arianespace customer that doesn't speek french. Could you please contact Freelance through CSG at: 05-94-33-40-32 then ask Beep n°799 and give your phone number.
Thank you.

Where in the world is French Guiana ?

French Guiana is in South America, north of Brasil and east to Surinam...
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What's Malaria ?

Malaria is a desease caused by a parasite which transits through a particular mosquito...
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How much is the Euro exchange rate ?

The Euro is a little over the dollars... Click here to get real time exchange rates

What's Kourou like ?

Kourou is a town of 20.000 inhabitants, placed between the coast line, the mouth of the Kourou river and the savanas...

Kourou - Plane Image   Kourou - Spot Image

How to get a visa for French Guiana ?
A easy way to get one online is to go on the Visa information