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From those who will spend Christmas in Kourou... to all of our friends world wide: Merry CHRISTMAS !


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Some explainations about the last FLS T.Shirt:

Papa Noël : Travis Cart was an ex Ford Aerospace & ex SS/Loral  Logistic Manager. Trav was our traditionnal Mascot on FLS T.shirt. On this campaign, we did not expect him because he  recently got retired (see the stamp on the gift bag) but he finally was called as a consultant. Good for him and us because he is the almost perfect (regarding the glass of beer) Santa Claus.

His gift bag is full of Satellites, our personal wish to ARIANESPACE...

Instead of reindeers pulling a sleigh, we thought the symbolic representation of AE customers:   A Picasso 's bull and a Majestic Tiger in between the 4th essential elements pulling an Ariane 5 (what should we be without the customers ?) was a good representation of this last launch of the year.

Excuse us for the tune lyrics change but again: "jungle" instead of "jingle" as we are in Amazonia...

(Grateful thanks to P.MONIER who perfectly turn into a drawing our ideas) FM

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