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GALILEO FOC meeting at our office


This morning, Alex MADEMBA-SY the Arianespace Project Manager for GALILEO FOC-1 mission came to our office in order to introduce our team and services to the ESA-OHB members that shall come next year to launch their GALILEO constellation from the European Space Center.

The OHB team is a new comer in French Guiana and Denis, Pierre, François had to answers to many questions  they  had about their future stay and life in Kourou. Which HOTEL, names of Rental car companies, health matter, airport assistance, transportation, there was no topics that was forbiden or forgotten.

No doubt that we won't wait too long before meeting again Uwe BERKES the ESA representative for this project and the OHB team in order to prepare the best possible way their stay in Kourou.


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