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ARIANE 5 ES Flight 200 delivery


Yesterday, wednesday february the 16th at 06.50 PM sharp, after a nine month campaign, ARIANE 5 ES successfully gave birth to the ATV 2 JK. ARIANESPACE and ESA , the happiest parents said: "the baby is fine and weight around 20 tons..." More seriously, what a great success for  EUROPE and all the companies world wide involved in this international project.  As far as we were concerned, it has been a wonderful experience sharing the every day life and providing assistance to the ATV teams for 9 months. Even if they soon will leave french Guiana, we'll stay in touch all along the ATV trip to the Rendez-vous with the ISS in a couple of weeks.

On behalf of the FLS team I'd lke to express my gratitude to ARIANESPACE and the ATV teams that allow us to participate to this space and human adventure.


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