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ARIANESPACE (AE) as well as CNES helped FREE LANCE all along its way from the begining up to now. It's an honor been at these prestigious european space adventure pionneers side.

From left to right:

The first ARIANE launch occured on Dec 1979. AMISPACE is a group of persons who have worked at different levels and responsabilities on this launch and time which use to gather  to celebrate this wonderful event. They were in command when F.MONIER created and proposed the FREE LANCE SERVICES in 1985 in order to help AE customers to catch with French Guiana life and customs.

Two key men are missing and we could not do but think of them : Dr Patrice ALBRECHT who was at that time the head of AE Customers Service and JC. BIGET former AE Vice President Commercial. Both are watching ARIANE launchs from the stars now but we'll be for ever grateful to them.


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