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Pre-campaign visit of O3b America LLC team on 21st of March 2012


TAS-I:Mario De Stafano, Umberto Ernatti,Gianluca Caucchia,Virginie Salvador,Philippe NABET,Roberto Vico.

O3b: Bob Morris, Andreas Doulanveris

SES: Ralf Poetzel

O3b/SES: Pierre Jouve

        Along with Philippe ROLLAND, ARIANESPACE (AE) Head of Mission Directors, F.MONIER & D.GRAUBY made a FREE LANCE SERVICES (FLS) presentation to the O3B Networks Cy represented by Robert P.MORRIS Jr, its Vice President Sapce System and the representatives of THALES and SES companies.

This meeting was clearly to explain the payload teams, FLS is ready 24/7 to help in their off work time too. Our common AE & FLS goal: Showing French Guiana is a nice place to launch not only because of high standard level of the European Space Center but also by what they could expect in term of Health and Care, Sports and Tourism activities, Hotels, Restaurants, rental cars...FLS is the key link to the preparation and the realization of a good stay.

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