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A new kid in Town (ref to Eagle band song)


Free LAnce is pleased to welcome a new comer in the Lancer's team: JEREMIE BRUDER.

Jérémie is a 25 years old man who spent part of high school in Kourou few years ago and after a time in France decided to come back in French Guiana.

After a successfull 2 months trial period where he quickly had to learn Free Lance rules, the ISRO team named him "Baby Free Lance" which was a way of rewarding Jérémie.

He officially started on the 17th of September as a campaign assistant and guide. As most of us, you won't see him to much in the Space center but on tours all across french  Guiana, organizing, accompanying customers discoveries. Also, he will be ready to help for any emergency or health matter.


Welcome Jérémie on behalf of the Free LAnce Team !


François MONIER

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