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F. MONIER Introducing FREE LANCE to the new European Space Center Director


Yesterday, tuesday the 16th of October, Fran├žois MONIER made a presentation of his company to Bernard CHEMOUL the new European Space Center Director for CNES, the French National Space Agency in French Guiana.

By the past, FLS used to work closely with CNES organizing Space Center tours by bus and also the welcome of CNES employees, customers or suppliers at the Rochambeau Airport.

Recently, on CNES request, we were involved in the organization of touristic excursions for some Chinese executives working for CGWIC visiting F.Guiana.

Even though most of our work is about tourism, free time activities, we are involved with some temporary works in the space center such as providing assistance or visiting payload teams.

This could not be done without CNES support.

Having good relation with CNES authorities is essential to the benefit of satellites teams.

That's what MONIER had through the past decades with the previous Guianese Space Center Directors and intends to keep with Bernard CHEMOUL.





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