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Trip on the river Approuague with Pleiades 1B and Skynet 5D on Saturday November 24th


      On Saturday November 24th few members of the  Pleiades 1B and Skynet 5D teams accompanied by Free Lance went on the river Approuague for the trip organised by the tour leader " Coeur de ForĂȘt".

            The boat trip started in the small town Regina and followed in the direction of the mouth of the river. After 2 hours we stopped to visit a former sugarcane factory hidden in the forest for many years and discovered by our guides. We could see the remaining of the huge machines in a quite good condition. After a photo session and picnic  we followed  to see the wonderful  show of red ibis in the river mouth.

           After a sunset our guides took us to a branch of the river Approuague where they have captured a small caiman.




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