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Arianespace wishes in French Guiana


Yesterday, thursday the 7th of january, FLS was invited to the ARIANESPACE annual event to listen to Jean Yves LE GALL (President & CEO) and Michel BARTOLOMEY (Head of Kourou Establishment) presenting the 2010 company wishes, results  & perspectives to a wide panel of french guianese VIPs. No doubt that this year will be a very busy one for the entire european space and industrial community of Kourou with ARIANE, SOYUZ and VEGA events. Jean Yves LE GALL could not do but congratulate at the end of his speech, Michel BARTOLOMEY for his career at ARIANESPACE and more specifically as Director of ARIANESPACE Kourou Establishment. Strong applause from the audiance showed how much Michel was and still is, appreciated. Immediatly after, Jean Yves LE GALL introduced Michel's successor : Patrick LOIRE who will be in command next april this year.

It was a good opportunity for FLS management to meet the ARIANESPACE Executives and talk about our work and relation.


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