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Hotels in kourou: What's new


ARIATEL: The Mercure Ariatel is going on its refurbishment. 12 high comfort "Privilege" suites are now available. Rates increased and are now 158.5 euros per night for standard junior suite and 188.5 euros for a "Privilege" one*.

ATLANTIS: A total refurbishment of the "Spot" building scheduled to end of April will complete the improvement of this well known hotel. Despite of these works cost, Atlantis is keeping the same rate as 2009 ( 101 euros per night for a standard room*).

LES ROCHES: Dominique Lebrun who managed this hotels for years is now retired and Mrs Patricia L'Heronet replaced him last november. Agnes Daunas, Front Desk Manager, has left French Guiana for new horizons and is replaced by Francine Lafrontiere. No change at the reception desk : our friend Sylviane Mirakoff is still there! Rate has increased slightly (102 euros per night for a standard room*).

HOTEL DU FLEUVE: Abchée Group has replaced the Sodexo  Group early 2010 at the management. This hotel is mainly booked now by Russian teams involved in SOYUZ launch pad building.

* Rates indication are with reservations requested through Free Lance Services.



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