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Free Lance visits MATITI PARADISE and the trial BAGNE D'ANNAMITES


 On Saturday March 16th Free Lance visited the place named MATITI PARADISE 30 minutes of driving from Kourou.

It is a very nice place to have a picnic and swimming in the creek. There are the small wooden huts equipped with BBQ. Nearby, about 10 km, there is a nice restaurant LE BOEUF COURONNE with Creole food open only on request  for groups starting from 3-4 persons.

 The hiking trial BAGNE D'ANNAMITES is a pleasant place to walk in the jungle but only up to the former prison ruins covered nearly totally by the forest. Continuing up to the creek Tonnegrade is more difficult because of many fallen trees and 2 small broken bridges. At the end awaits you the refreshment in the cold water of the creek and nice place for a picnic. Total time of hiking is about 4 hours without the stay at the creek.



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