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Dear all,

On behalf of the FREE LANCE Team, please, receive our best wishes for this new year. Christophe, Sylvie, Christelle, Violetta, Sandrine, Pierre, Denis were so happy to welcome you and did their best with selflessness to help you to enjoy your stay or at least, minimize your troubles.

We are very grateful to ARIANESPACE for the confidence they put on us to look after their customers. This 2015 year was the 30 th anniversary of FLS Creation. At this minute, I also have a thought to all those who worked at FLS through these 3 decades and have gone under other horizon. They also contributed to make what FLS is today and I send them all my respect and thanks.

Again to All of you coming from the entire world, thank you for using FLS, we are proud of serving you and look forward to meeting you in 2016.



Francois MONIER

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