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In your names for Pierre.



Free lance wants to thank all the people from the space community or relatives who sent messages of condolences to Pierre via FLS.

We gathered on sunday, july 24th at the FLS carbet for a friendly meeting to honour our friend and colleague. It was an absolute necessity to raise our glasses and to express a simple message: RIP Pierre, we love you and won't forget you.

All names of peole who sent messages have been named during the ceremony. So no matter where you were, Indonesia, Brasil, Japan, Europe, Canada, India, USA, Argentina, France, French Guiana, at that particular moment of the day, you were in French Guiana, Kourou and we were your representatives and we said kind words to Pierre in your name.

Thanks for sharing our pain and be sure Pierre's spirit will be kept and spread at FREE LANCE like it used to be and as it will be.



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