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Words of Fran├žois MONIER


Dear all,

at the dawn of 2018 it's time to look back just a minute and take it to thank all the people we worked with to the benefit of Arianespace and their customers all along 2017

This would be too long and fastidious naming all of them but we should do it just because they deserve it helping us solving problems from the little to the serious one.

French administration as Air & Borders Police, Gendarmerie, Customs guards, Airport and airlines companies, Hotels, Bus & rental cars agencies, Cayenne, Kourou, Sinnamary Saint Laurent, Mayors, Hospitals, all health and care, surgeons, docs, nurses, Firemen, Tour operators, restaurants, bars & pubs, disco, shops, all sports clubs...

Teams of Arianespace, Cnes, ESA, Arianegroup, Avio, Roscosmos, all industrials & services companies working at the European Space Port.

Last but not least, all  French Guiana citizen we met through our excursions, trips, shopping and made those moment special ones.

I would not be fare not extending these thanks to FLS team and our partners who really work with efficiency and heart.

And now to all satellites team members that crossed our path and the next to come next year, on behalf of FLS team, let me wish you the best for 2018 to you and your families, in your country and down here in French Guiana.



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