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A busy 2018 year...


3 Launches within 10 weeks, what a challenge! Congrats to ARIANESPACE, CNES and ARIANEGROUP. In this period of time we welcome teams of SES 14 & Airbus , AL YAH 3 & OSC, O3b & Thales Alenia Space, DSN 1/Superbird 8 & MELCO/NEC, HYLAS 4 Avanti & OSC.

Unfortunately a problem occured on GSAT satellite project and all the ISRO team has to return back to India with their satellite. In the same time Azerspace 2 built by SSLORAL had to delay its arrival in French Guiana.

Right now we are happy to welcome the huge team of BEPI COLOMBO ESA satellite mainly built by Airbus, TAS Italy, JAXA, NEC, NIPPI, MHI, PI, for a 7 months campaign.


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