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Yellow fever vaccination is compulsory for all stays in French Guiana (The  injection should be done 15 days before departure as it only becomes effective after the 10th day).

The vaccination is only administered in special centers; you should consult a medical center in your country of residence before leaving home.

Moreover it is essential to check you are up to date with your Tetanus and Poliomyelitis vaccinations.


The increase in malaria is a worldwide phenomenon from which French Guiana has not escaped. Two strains of the parasite responsible for malaria are to be found in Guiana;

Plasmodium vivax (relatively benign) and Plasmodium falciparum which can cause very severe cases of malaria and sometimes fatal.

Transmission to humans occurs during the evening and night and is caused by anophele mosquitoes (Anophelus mosquito) which generally go unnoticed.

In Kourou and even along the coast, there is very little risk of malaria (Plasmodium vivax predominates) and the taking of preventive medecine is not justified. The essential is to prevent yourself from mosquito bites by wearing appropriate clothes and bug repellent from the fall of night and onwards.

Contact your doctor before coming

Elementary Precautions

As for all stays in any tropical country, certain elementary precautions must be taken:

We remind you that numerous case of aids have been reported in French Guiana. It's is hyghly recommended that you take all appropriate precautions (condoms - contraceptive sheath).

Medical facilities

The Kourou hospital (CMCK) is administrated by the Red Cross and is accredited by the International Society for Quality and Healthcare (ISQUA).

  • Telephone: 05-94-32-76-76
  • Fax: 05-94-32-76-00
  • Avenue des Iles, 97310 Kourou

Kourou city is well equiped with all the medical facilities you might need:

The country counts numerous specialists, emergency services and fire brigades.


You can reach us 24/24, 7 days a week.

Thanks for your attention and enjoy your stay in French Guiana.