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Security Precautions

Although French Guiana is not more unsafe than anywhere else, it's good to have a certain number of security habits:

Obtain copies of personal documents and keep them with you (passports, driver's license, etc.).

Avoid wearing jewellery or hide it under your shirt or T-shirt.

When going out, keep only enough cash for the day or the evening. Be discrete with your money (do not pull out a billfold full of money when paying for small items, prepare the money in advance where no one can see you). Avoid showing or paying with dollars (a clear advertisement that you are a foreigner).

Avoid venturing out alone. Avoid walking in unlighted areas, make a detour if possible. Be observant when you walk, look all around you, especially in the direction where you are going. Avoid walking with a tunnel vision. Be specially careful in high risk areas (listed below)

If you are assaulted, do not resist. Try to get a full description of one of the assailants (scar, clothing, tattoos, etc.). And if such is the case, let us know as soon as possible.

High-risk areas at Night:

In Kourou :

In Cayenne :


Vehicle security measures:


Home security measures:

Always make sure all windows and doors are locked when you leave the house even for a short period. Remember to lock the front door when at home.

Try to hide duffel bags or suitcases. When someone breaks in, this is the first thing they look for in order to haul out their loot.

Keep all important papers, jewellers, extra money in a safe (the hotel has one, or your team leader may provide one).

Don't forget that the most dangerous thing in French Guiana is driving! Many people are injured or killed on the roads each year.
You should always be extremely careful and obey the driving regulation.

Also during you stay you must have in mind the protected species regulation, so you don't put yourself in a illegal position because of eating caiman or briging back home a jaguar skin...