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International Flights

New airport security measures

  • Before check-in, all containers of more than 100ml/ 3.52oz must be placed in hold luggage.
  • After check-in, are permitted in the cabin:
    • liquids, gels, creams, aerosols and pastes which must be stored in containers of 100ml/ 3.52oz maximum. Placed in a single transperent resealable zip-lock type plastic bag. Maximum size of zip-lock must be 20cmx20cm/ 7.87inx7.87in. One bag per passenger.
    • food for babies or young children required for the journey
    • Liquid medecine and diet food, medical prescription recommended.
  • At checkpoint, laptop computers taken out of their case, coats and jackets, large electrical items, keys and money, belts and mobile phones must be placed in the tray.
  • The ziplock with liquids, etc, baby food and liquid medecine must be presented to the security staff.
  • Weapons and toy weapons, scissors, blades, flammables and liquids of more than 100ml/ 3.52oz (not bought in banded area) are forbidden in the passenger cabin

There are flights everyday from Cayenne to Paris (France),  and several flights a week to the United States, Suriname and Brazil.

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Domestic Flights

There are flights everyday from Cayenne/ Rochambeau to inland villages (Saint-Georges de l'Oyapock, Saul and Maripasoula).

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Small plane rental (with or without pilot)

Helicopter rental